Institute for Aloe Studies

Preservation, Conservation and Education

The Institute for Aloe Studies is dedicated to fostering increased knowledge and understanding of Aloes through study, plant propagation, preservation of collections and conservation of habitat.

As you browse through this website, you'll find a wide variety of information and resources to help further your personal study of Aloes. In our Species section, we provide a photographic record and scientific descriptions of different species of Aloe. To augment our information, we've also provided links to various additional resources, both print and web, in our Resources section. You'll find botanical paintings, aloe related postage stamps, photographs of our projects and other aloe related items in our Gallery.

The Institute for Aloe Studies supports the propagation of Aloes by offering plants for sale to the general public. In our Store, you'll find plants for sale from our established collection, the result of cultivating seeds and cuttings to perpetuate and disseminate the different species of Aloe. By offering these domestically produced plants, we hope to reduce pressure on wild populations suffering from illegal collection.

As an added benefit, our collection of plants serves as a DNA database. Many species of Aloe are becoming rare in their native habitat. We are also exchanging plant material with other botanical institutions. The Institute for Aloe Studies will develop and offer horticulturally desirable Aloe hybrids.

By working with botanists, the Institute for Aloe Studies supports the conservation of Aloes by determining which Aloes are most threatened, distributing domestically produced plants, and supporting the establishment of reserves and protected habitat.


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